Social Media

Keep in touch. Share what matters.

What Does Social Media Do?

Social Media lets people share. Social Media lets you interact with your audience and lets them share the experiences, knowledge and benefits they have received from your products and/or services. Sharing is what makes traffic – whether a search engine shares your content, you share your content or your customers share your content. Traffic has a great property in that traffic leads to more traffic. Think of it as large river. Every little stream that feeds into that large river makes it exist. Without the constant addition of water flow (think of it as content flow) the river would dry up and never reach the ocean. The ocean is where your new customers are waiting to receive that content!

Relationship Building, Communication and Customer Service

The Web is a worldwide conversation. What gets talked about gets noticed. Think about it. How much do the people you never talk to or listen to influence you? The same can be said for your Website! If it is not talked about or visited, it will have little influence on those you need and want to influence. Talk to W M Chesnut about starting your Social Media presence. Get the content shared with and the feedback you need from your current and future customers.